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Zameer (1975) Movie | Amitabh Bachchan | Saira Banu | Vinod Khanna |  Bollywood Action Movie | Big B - YouTube


Multi-millionaire Thakur Maharaj Singh owns a stud farm with several derby-winning stallions. Unfortunately for him, his farm is soon attacked by Bandit, Maan Singh, and his gang forcing Maharaj to retaliate killing the son of the Daku. In order to avenge this Maan Singh decides to abduct the son of Maharaj, Shampoo. Years later a young man enters the lives of the Singhs claiming to be Chimpoo; while Maharaj and his wife, Rukmini is happy in having Chimpoo back; they are unaware that this young man is actually a convict, Badal who is impersonating Chimpoo with the intention of pocketing their wealth. Situations change Badal and he decides to reveal his true identity to the Singhs who also promises to reunite the family with their son, Shampoo. Written by Gavin ([email protected])

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